About the International Lithographic Symposium in Tidaholm 2021

The 8th International Lithographic Symposium
The Lithographic Academy in Tidaholm, Sweden, has every fourth year since 1990
arranged international symposiums around lithographic art. In the symposiums
lithographic art from all over the world is shown in four separate galleries. The first week
of the symposiums contains a compact program of workshops, seminars and speeches
around lithographic art. Workshops mainly take place in the lithographic workshop at
Vulcan island in the center of Tidaholm. Seminars and speeches take place in Marbodal
Center, a conference building next to the workshop. Exhibitions are shown in four
galleries during the two weeks of the symposium.
The Lithographic Academy arranges the 8th International Lithographic Symposium in
Tidaholm, Sweden, from July 24 until August 8, 2021.
The Lithographic Academy hereby invites artists, printers and art schools to take part in
exhibitions, workshops and seminars during the 8th International Lithographic


Artists, print shops and art schools are invited to send lithographic art to the symposium
exhibitions shown in four galleries. The pieces of art sent must be lithographies but mixed
media works that contain lithographic print will also be accepted. The exhibited works will
be for sale if otherwise is not noted. This means that prices of the works must be
included. A sales commission of 20% accrues to the Lithographic Academy.
Private artists are allowed to send maximum 5 works.
Workshops and art schools are allowed to send 10 works.

Application forms for participating in the symposium will soon be available at this web
page www.lithonet.se
Transport costs for works sent to the exhibitions will be payed by the sender. The
Lithographic Academy will pay the costs for return shipment.
The fee for participating in the exhibitions is 500 SEK. The fee includes participating with
1 photo of art work in the symposium catalog plus insurance during exhibition and return
Photo to the catalog must be sent digital to the Lithographic Academy. Information about
size of digital photo, time when it must be sent, time when art works for the exhibition
must be sent, to what account the fee will be payed etc. will soon be available on web
page www.lithonet.se
On the application form you can also note if you will attend the symposium in person and
if so, what days. The Lithographic Academy can offer accommodation at a price of 350
SEK pro person and night in single or double room. Breakfast is included.

Symposium programme

Programme for workshops, seminars, speeches and social interaction will gradually be
published on web page www.lithonet.se
Exhibitions will be open daily during the symposium.
The 8th International Lithographic Symposium will include a special theme: Mexico. This
means that one of the galleries will be reserved for exhibiting invited Mexican artists.
Some of the seminars will also deal with lithographic art from Mexico its long and special
tradition and its contemporary form.
Contact information
Coordinator of the symposium: Lars Lundqvist
tel: +46-(0)73-6234486
Web page: www.lithonet.se

Please note

Please note that the programme for the symposium might be changed due to the
development of the on going corona pandemic.